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@MSU Newsletter | April 2018


Go green. Go serve.

It’s not too late to sign up for the MSU Global Day of Service on April 21!

So far, the MSU Alumni Association has received more than 100 project submissions, including 61 from alumni clubs, plus individuals and 27 from students. There are still plenty of projects available, so join your fellow Spartans by finding a project in your community. 

The Global Day of Service began back in 2013. Since then, more than 9,000 Spartans have provided nearly 44,000 hours of free service to their communities. 

Share in this unique part of the Spartan legacy by volunteering today.

Oh, and don’t forget to share your selfies and project photos on social media by using #MSUDayofService.

It's a beautiful day for...

Football! Can you believe it’s almost time to start watching Dantonio and the guys do their thing again? Neither can we.

But get ready, because the Green-White spring football game is planned for April 7 at 5 p.m. at Spartan Stadium. The annual shindig is a way for all Spartans (players and fans) to start getting back into the swing of one of our favorite fall sports. The team also hosts a youth clinic to help junior players strengthen their fundamental skills.

The game will also be broadcast live on BTN and BTN2GO.

Want to relive last season's glory? See highlights here. Looking forward to next season? Check out the schedule here.


Speaking of football...

Your favorite Spartan Marching Band has welcomed a new face to their ranks. Arris Golden (a current prof, band director, and conductor at UNC) will join us this summer as assistant director of bands and associate director of the Spartan Marching Band.

In addition to being a superstar in the world of music, Golden will also be the first woman to serve in this position at State.

Bravo, Golden. Your Spartan family looks forward hearing from you at the stadium this fall.

Read more about her career and the energy and enthusiasm she hopes to bring to the band here

Check out these Spartans on this season’s reality TV circuit.

When it comes to Survivor, it’s all about three principles: outwit, outplay, and outlast.

For Spartan alum Bradley Kleihege, (pictured in the blue shirt) the experience on the hit television show was about managing social dynamics.

Kleihege said the "social experiment" at the heart of every Survivor season is what he loves about the show.

In a Lansing State Journal article about his experience, he said: "To me, that’s so interesting, how you can take people from different parts of the country who do different things, have different beliefs, and you put them together and see how they interact and what kind of bonds they can form."

Stephanie Johnson's reality television experience is about trying to survive in an even harsher social atmosphere: the dating pool. 

She'll be featured on a Lifetime Network reality show called Love at First Flight. The show matches compatible singles and sends them on a trip from New York to Los Angeles together with small day trips and unique dates planned in between.

When the couple arrives at the airport in LA, they’re given the chance to get married right away if they feel sparks flying.

While Johnson said she initially thought the concept of the show was ridiculous, she said in an LSJ article: “Going in, I never thought my ending would be my ending. I’m glad I jumped into this.”

Neither Spartan was able to discuss the outcome of their reality show experience, so tune in this season to find out their results.

Engineering alum helps Olympian luger nab silver

Remember watching dozens of athletes lie down on sleds and zip through an icy track during the winter Olympics this year? This extreme sledding event is called luge and for these athletes, a victory or defeat can come down to fractions of a second. This year, Spartan alum Douglas Bohl had a big hand to play in making those sleds zip even faster.

Now an associate professor of mechanical and aeronautical engineering at Clarkson University in northern New York, Bohl added a little math and a lot of research to the delicate art of luge this winter. His team wanted to help athletes slide even faster, so they focused on optimized aerodynamics and rider comfort to help athletes increase speed. (Fun fact: lugers can reach speeds up to 87 mph).

And their hard work paid off. The research team’s guinea pig, New York-native and luger Chris Mazdzer, won a silver medal in the Pyeongchang Olympic Games this winter.

Read more about it here.

One mission. 7,000 miles.

One day, newly minted Communications Arts and Sciences grad Derek Blalock decided he wanted to make the most of his youth and raise awareness for a cause near and dear to his heart.

So he hopped on a bike and road 7,000 miles across the US to raise money and awareness about teen heart health. The ride was a tribute to his friend, Thomas, who passed away in high school due to a heart condition.

The ride required athletic rigor, mental stamina, and a little bit of naivete. He documented the trip and what life is like out of the saddle in his newly-published book, The Heart to Ride.

Read more about his story and how his Spartan roots fueled his passion, here.

How did your bracket hold up?

The men's basketball team ended a thrilling season with a nail-biter of a game. After a devastating two-point loss to Syracuse in the second round of the NCAA championship, thousands of Spartans across the country groaned in unison as their March Madness brackets crumbled. (Because you definitely had State headed to the finals, right? We certainly hope so).

In all seriousness, the end-of-season loss doesn’t overshadow the wildly successful lineup of other blowout games. Check out season highlights here.

Need a vacation? Travel with Spartans.

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival 

Trade in cool northern temps for sunny New Mexico this fall. Travel with your fellow Spartans to the International Balloon Fiesta to watch hundreds of hot air balloons soar in the sky. It’s quite a sight. 

Find out more about this exciting trip here.

Coastal Vignettes Cruise

Explore ancient cities, alluring beaches, and culture straight from the Old World as you set sail across the Mediterranean Sea. Hop along historic coastal towns in Italy, France, Spain, and more as you discover the best the cities have to offer. We promise it will be magnifique.

Learn more about the Coastal Vignettes Cruise here.