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@MSU Newsletter | September 2018


They say reach for the stars...

Spartans say, “We’re way ahead of you.”

Last month, NASA launched a new one-of-a-kind solar probe to examine and gather crucial data about our Sun. The Parker Solar Probe, as it’s known, is named for Eugene Parker, a Spartan who earned his bachelor's degree in the College of Natural Science in 1948. Parker was the first person to predict the existence of solar wind.

As the Parker Probe orbits the Sun, it will observe the acceleration of the solar wind as it transitions from slower than to faster than the speed of sound. It will also help answer important questions about the Sun’s scorching corona, and how solar particles accelerate as they rocket away from the Sun. The size of a small car, the Parker Solar Probe is expected to orbit our big star for seven years.

For Parker, it's the culmination of a career dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of our universe. He has not forgotten his MSU roots. He is a major donor to MSU's astronomy program and and designated a large fraction of his Kyoto Prize funds to help with the operation of the university's SOAR telescope. 

His daughter, Joyce, and son-in-law, Ed Loh, belong to MSU's faculty. 

Another Spartan, Kristine Haugaard, a School of Packaging graduate, designed ginormous shipping containers that safely transported the solar probe on Earth. Check out her story

All hail the queen...

Kelsi Horn has recently been crowned Miss Black USA—the first Michigan contestant to win since 1989.

A Detroit native, Kelsi is a 2017 grad of MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences. She built quite the resume for herself as a Spartan undergrad.

She belonged to the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and is a past president of the Black Student Alliance.

Now an activist and entrepreneur, Kelsi’s Miss Black USA reign will include serving as a celebrity advocate for the Heart Truth Campaign, which strives to raise awareness of heart disease, the leading cause of death among American women.

Have any old MSU ticket stubs lying around?

You may be hanging on to pieces of MSU history.

If they’re taking up too much room, the MSU Athletics Ticket Office would love to take them off your hands. We're talking about old ticket stubs from MSU sporting events.

The best of the best will be displayed at the front counter of the new ticket office in 1855 Place, just across from the Breslin Center.

It's your chance to give other fans a walk down memory lane and relive great games.

Send mail to: Wendy Brown, Associate Athletic Director, MSU, 550 S. Harrison Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823

Engineering alumnus leads global production of Acura SUV

Leading the manufacturing for a powerhouse car company takes a specific blend of engineering brains and business prowess. Luckily, Scott Ruhl, project leader at Honda, was trained at MSU. 

Scott studied engineering arts when he came to State in the '80s. The academic program he enrolled in is the perfect blend of engineering and business studies. It's designed to help future big shots like Scott gain a well-rounded outlook on modern engineering feats. He credits his success at Honda, which makes the Acura, to his time at MSU.  

Today, he leads the North American production efforts for Honda’s all-new 2019 Acura RDX SUV, the first luxury Acura vehicle to be designed, developed, and manufactured in the U.S.—a milestone achievement for the brand.

From MSU’s ivy-covered halls to the upper ranks of a major U.S. automaker, Scott is just another example of the vast potential of a Spartan’s passion, drive, and ingenuity.

MSU ranked top college for your money

Money magazine just released its "Best Colleges" list for 2018 and ranked MSU in the top six percent of U.S. colleges. Rankings focus on three major categories: educational quality, affordability, and alumni success.

MSU finished 41 among 727 four-year schools. In all, 95 percent of MSU undergrads either land jobs or seek advanced degrees right out of college. Of those who start punching a time clock, 40 percent earned $60,000 or more their first year.

As we welcome our largest and most diverse freshman class ever this fall, it’s clear even greater things will catapult from the banks of the Red Cedar.

Cruise the Mediterranean with an MSU firebrand

Next June, climb onboard Oceania Cruises’ "Sirena" for a cruise you’ll never forget. This ten-night journey will float you from Rome to Monte Carlo in the company of alumni and friends from other Big Ten universities.

The cruise features receptions, private Big Ten “tailgates” and fascinating lectures from Big Ten superstars like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, associate professor of pediatrics at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and director of the pediatric residency program at Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint.

Dr. Hanna-Attisha helped blow the whistle on government officials when she discovered  elevated lead levels in Flint children in the wake of a change to the city's water source. If you want to brush up on it all, check out her new book "What the Eyes Don't See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City." Reserve your spot today!

Dominating the soccer field and the career field...

Andrea Brimmer knows what it means to be a team player.

She belonged to MSU’s first varsity women’s soccer team, started in 1983. She spent the next four years learning to love of the game and helping fellow Big Ten club teams to lobby their athletic boards to fund their own women's soccer teams. 

Now, Andrea is the chief marketing and public relations officer at Ally, a financial company headquartered in Detroit. The lessons she learned on the soccer field have fueled her career decisions and leadership style.

Recently, she spoke with former U.S. Women’s Soccer star Julie Foudy to discuss how soccer and her Spartan experiences helped shape her professional life, and stoked her interest in mentoring other women in their own professional development. Check out the video here!