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@MSU Newsletter | June 2018


Science Gallery Lab Detroit asks what it means to hustle...

You can always count on MSU to be on the cutting edge of science and the arts, and to inspire the next generation of industry leaders and creative thinkers. The univesity's lastest initiative combines all three.  

On June 16, MSU will open the Science Gallery Lab Detroit. Part art gallery, part science lab, part theater, the initiative is the first of its kind in the U.S. The unique locale's first exhibition pays homage to a phrase many Detroiters hold near and dear to their hearts: HUSTLE. 

HUSTLE is an interactive, multimedia exhibition that encourages participants to think critically about the many definitions of survival and success, purpose and desire. The exhibition will inspire Detroit's 15-to 25-year-olds by taking cutting-edge art, design and technology research concepts and presenting them in creative, connective ways. Best of all, participants will get a chance to talk back in "The Hustler's Lounge," a place where they can share their own ideas on what it means to hustle with ingenuity, yearning, and pride.

The exhibition includes a full calendar of public performances that feature community programs, events, and performances by artists, scientists, makers, artisans, and hustlers from the community.

For more information on the Science Lab Gallery Detroit and HUSTLE, click here.

Finding love on Circle Drive...

Fifty years ago, Greg Pappas rode a motorcycle over to Landon Hall. He thought he was just giving a friend of a friend a ride around campus. He didn't know he was meeting the love of his life.  

"The first time I saw Gloria I was hit with a lightning bolt," Greg wrote. "I mean this girl radiated."

The two rode all around campus: past the library, Spartan stadium, circled back to Beaumont Tower, and back to Landon. The motorcycle ride played matchmaker. The following year, the two married.

Fast forward to 1992, Gloria came across the motorcycle, which had passed through several owners since that fateful ride in 1968. But the bike was desperate for some TLC—so the couple shelled out $500 to purchase it for old time's sake.

It took them nearly 10 years to restore the vintage English motorcycle. And every year since, the couple has made a run on it from their home in Plymouth to Landon Hall. What better way to celebrate their marriage while fondly enjoying the motorcycle ride that started it all?

This photo commemorated their recent trip back to campus. Happy Anniversary!

The future is (Spartan) green...

Nearly 8,000 undergrad, grad, and doctoral students became alumni this past May. While it's time to move on to the next phase of life, these new alums will forever carry Spartan pride.

It's not just green-and-white nostalgia we're talking about here. Michigan State students are No. 1 in the Big Ten for employability, and 95 percent of grads have a grad school or job placement after college. That's something to brag about. 

As for future alums? The future looks bright. This fall, MSU will welcome its largest and most diverse freshman class. 

We'll take Spartan alumni for $1,000, Alex...

An MSU alum competed on America's longest-running game show, Jeopardy. Andrew Lai, a 2018 graduate of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, joined Alex Trebek and the rest of the contestants on May 22 for a night of the show's signature competition in which trivia facts are answered with questions.

Lai's training ground was our town's favorite hangout, Crunchy's. He'd played the establishment's weekly trivia games for years with his med school buddies. 

On the televised program, he landed in third place.  

The appearance was "very surreal," he said in a WILX/News 10 story. "It's almost nothing like watching the show on TV. Actually seeing the live audience and seeing Alex there, it just really completes the experience."

Hit the road with fellow Spartans

The Grand Experience on Mackinac IslandOctober 14-16.
Visit the land of horse drawn carriages and scenic bicycle rides with your fellow Spartans. Experience the Grand Hotel and the island of Mackinac in all its glory. This trip is only available to our, ahem, more seasoned alumni (over the age of 50). Enjoy afternoon tea, gazing at the Mackinac Straits from the world's longest porch, and dancing the night away in the Grand Ballroom. Register here

Sandy Shores Cruise: Miami to Miami, Including CubaJanuary 2-13, 2019.
It may be toasty outside these days, but the bitter cold of winter is never too far from Michiganders' minds. Make sure you plan a respite from the cold this winter by vacationing in the Caribbean! Explore Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas this January with your fellow Spartans. Register here

Expedition to AntarcticaJanuary 5-18, 2019.
Is the cold kind of your thing? Then bundle up for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica with MSU Professor William Porter. Explore the continent's fantastically shaped icebergs, turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, and see breaching whales—all during the lingering light of the austral summer.

Accompanied by the ship’s expedition team of naturalists, you'll board sturdy Zodiac watercraft for excursions ashore and observe the playful antics of this region’s abundant wildlife—penguins and seals, which are unafraid of human visitors. Register here

The Spartan origin story...

When we call MSU our alma mater, we proudly refer to ourselves as Spartans. But how did our early agricultural college turned state school settle on its moniker?

Of course, there's the resemblence between the athletic prowess of the ancient Greeks and our present-day MSU sports teams. But did you know the original idea for our mascot came from a Greek immigrant who owned a small restaurant in East Lansing?

In 1925, Michigan Agricultural College officially changed its name to Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. At that time, university leaders decided it was time to move on from the MAC Aggies mascot and identity.

The public was asked to submit suggestions, and boy did they deliver. Suggestions included the Staters, Bearcats, Statesmen, Bob Cats, Pioneers, and the Fawns.  

The Staters won, but George Alderton, the then-Lansing State Journal sports editor, refused to accept the name. 

So he went down to his favorite local restaurant, the Famous Grill, to chat it out. Owner-and-Greek-immigrant Stephen Scofes offered up a mascot name that knocked Alderton's socks off: Spartans. 

The LSJ sports section started using Spartans in its MSU coverage. Soon, other papers picked up the name (and eventually the university did too).The rest is history. 

To read an account of the tale from the Lansing State Journal, click here