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Spartan Newsletter | January 2020


Science, food and public perception

Our perceptions of food are heavily influenced by our peers, sometimes to the chagrin of scientists and researchers. Doug Buhler, director of MSU AgBioResearch, and assistant vice president of research and innovation, suggests more dialogue between scientists and the public to dispel misconceptions about the intersections of food, science and technology.

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People over profits

Three Detroit-based entrepreneurs break down how their startups emphasize altruistic missions over profit. Featured guests include Jen Rusciano, MBA ’19 (Business), executive director of the Detroit Food Academy, Josh York, ’16 (Business, Arts and Letters), founder of the York Project and Amanda Lewan, ’10 (Arts and Letters), co-founder of Bamboo Detroit.

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Friends, Spartans, countrymen, lend me your ears

Thought your run-in with Shakespeare ended at graduation? Think again! The MSU Department of Theatre has released a podcast “Syllable of Recorded Time” demystifying Shakespeare and explaining the enduring relevance of iambic pentameter and long-winded soliloquies through reinvention.

To listen, or not to listen, that is the question.

Odyssey to Oxford

Interested in a fully immersive learning experience? Over the course of the two-week program, Odyssey to Oxford participants take courses taught by a University of Oxford tutor and attend excursions designed to stimulate learning and comradery.

Check out the recap of last year's trip. 

One day. One goal. One big thank you!

On Tuesday, December 3, Spartans near and far came together to make a better tomorrow. Over $1.5 million was raised from more than 4,500 gifts. Give Green Day was a chance to give back and make a difference to impact current and future Spartans.

Missed the day? Visit to see leaderboards and project-by-project results from the day. 

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