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@MSU Newsletter | December 2018


Thank you, Spartans!

Thank you, Spartans. On Nov. 27, Give Green Day, you made gifts to the causes you love at MSU. In just 24 hours, you ponied up more than $739,000 for scholarships, building projects, student emergency funds, and a plethora of other causes.

See the breakdown and give yourself a pat on the back. You embody what it means to show your green.

You'll be Spartan green with envy...

What do therapy dogs, doughnuts, and fancy coffee drinks have in common? You'll find all three—and much more—in MSU's Main Library.

You'll marvel at the library's amazing 360-degree projection room. Get up to speed on one of the world's largest comic book collections. (They're not all fun and games. Some take aim at politics, human rights, and other serious topics.) And wait until you find out how the library makes finals week all-nighters some of the semester's best.

In addition to campus news and discoveries, the latest issue of Spartan, the MSU alumni magazine, follows three amazing Spartans. And as always, keep track of your peers and alumni club news in the Green & White section.

Spartan is online now. And it's free, and easy to read and share.

Even MacGyver couldn't pull this off!

Ben Cooper is the epitome of Spartan determination, Spartan smarts, and Spartan generosity. Case in point: he figured out how to connect IV tubing, plastic buckets, and a few doo-dads to create a chlorinated water treatment system for more than 250 farm families in Venecia, an isolated village high in Peru's Andes Mountains.  
A 2016 environmental engineering grad, Cooper performed this and other feats during a recent two-year stint in the Peace Corps.
"Conditions were very rural," he said. "The city closest to us was a three-hour drive through a mountain pass. Communications in and out were limited.
"The chlorination systems we were building were made from repurposed plastics and modeled from larger systems; large buckets from hardware stores to hold the mother solution, IV tubing from our local health post to regulate the flow rate, other odds and ends that went toward keeping it simple but effective," he explained.
But the payoff was priceless. "The people of Venecia live simple farm lives, typically in adobe brick homes. Conditions are usually cold and/or wet. But, no matter what was happening, I was always welcomed and offered a plate of food by my neighbors." 

What's your origin story?

Alumna Kenyatta Berry wears many hats: lecturer, writer, attorney, TV personality, and professional genealogist. As the host of the popular PBS program Genealogy Roadshow, she has helped countless people answer the question, “Who am I?”

Berry, a 1994 business grad, grew her love for genealogy in the State Library of Michigan during law school. With her focus on African-American genealogy, slave ancestral research, and DNA, she works to bridge the gap between genealogists and historians.

Berry has been featured in Real Simple, Black Enterprise, the Wall Street Journal, and shows like The Real (FOX) and For Peete’s Sake (OWN).

You, too, can start your roots journey. Berry’s first book, The Family Tree Toolkit, opens the rabbit hole into discovering your family history—more thoroughly than just knowing your ethnic percentages.

Sparty and friends shared the love

Sparty and a few fellow mascots congregated in Indianapolis last month at the College Basketball Champions Classic.  As part of the festivities, they visited Riley Children’s Hospital to spread smiles with children being treated on the oncology/hematology floor.

Sparty shared signed photos of himself and helped win a few new Spartan hearts in the process.

In addition to MSU games, Sparty attends hundreds of other events each year. If you’d like to request Sparty for your next private event, visit his website for details.

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