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@MSU Newsletter | May 2019


How many Spartans does it take to change the world? 1,455 is a good start

On April 13, Spartans around the world came together to serve their local communities in the spirit of the Green & White. From cleaning up beaches, to restoring zoo habitats, to distributing food to those in need. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds came together for the event. Over 350 current MSU students participated in projects in the East Lansing area, proving that students are committed to the tradition of Spartan service. In addition, many alumni volunteers made Global Day of Service a family affair, bringing along children and teens to better their communities. And, of course, many university staff donated their time to ensure a positive experience for all.

With 1,455 volunteers contributing to 111 projects around the globe, it’s safe to say that Global Day of Service 2019 was a success.

Dig into the numbers here.

Explore the "DEPTH" of our connection to water

Part art gallery, part science lab, part theater, Science Gallery Detroit’s new exhibit "DEPTH" will explore humankind's relationship with water. The exhibit opens June 8, 2019 and will be free to the public. 

"DEPTH" will feature more than two dozen exhibits from artists around the world. Several MSU scientists and artists are creating pieces for the exhibit, including one which will show ways in which plastic fouls the oceans; another will create small underwater explosions through separating water molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, and a third piece will let visitors experience water’s restorative values through the Anishinaabe Native American ways of connecting constellations to ecosystems.

For more information visit MSU's Science Gallery website

Jazz professor releases new album

Listen to Professor Etienne Charles' new album "Carnival: The Sound of a People, Vol. 1." 

Etienne Charles is assistant professor of Jazz trumpet at Michigan State University. Originally from Trinidad, his passion and talent for music took him first to Florida State University, followed by rigorous graduate studies at the famed performing arts conservatory, Juilliard. In "Carnival" Charles returns to his Trinidadian roots, capturing the vibrancy of Trinidad's spring Carnival — an annual festival of parades and performances, with deep West African roots. 

You can read more about Professor Etienne Charles in his New York Times profile. 

Last week's podcast with Satish Udpa

Listen as Russ White speaks with Acting Michigan State University President Satish Udpa about his priorities in laying the groundwork for the 21st president of Michigan State University.

President Udpa has worked to nurture the healing process on MSU's campus and to secure MSU's future as a world changing institution. After the appointment of the next president, Udpa will continue to serve MSU in his previous role as executive vice president for administration. 

The positive impact of Spartan nurses

As a top-ranked program with over 192 graduate students currently enrolled, Michigan State’s College of Nursing prepares its students to provide the best possible health care to patients and support them in the challenges life may present.

For Pamela Jones, a Spartan graduate and employee of the Michigan State University Alumni Office, Spartan nurses were instrumental in the process of giving birth to her son, Calvin, who needed to remain in the intensive care unit. Read her story here and join us in celebrating National Nurses Day on May 6, 2019. 

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