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Matt Maloney: Hungry for Growth

By Robert Bao

  • Published: 12/03/2012
Matt Maloney


In 2004, frustrated by the lack of takeout food choices on the Internet, Matt Maloney, ’98, and Mike Evans, Chicago-based software engineers, decided to change things.  They founded—a site where you can type in your address, locate nearby delivery restaurants along with menus and coupons, and order takeout with a simple click.  The idea caught on in a big way.  “We’re the number one food ordering business in the country,” says Maloney.  “We help local restaurants be found by diners and we offer a full service experience.  We’re the easiest way to bring restaurants to you.”  GrubHub currently is associated with more than 15,000 restaurants and covers more than 300 cities, “including the major metro markets and the top university communities,” says Matt, the company’s CEO.  “We account for more than $250 million in sales.  On average, over 25 percent of a restaurant’s gross sales is through us.  We want to put the pedal to the medal and define this industry.”  With new headquarters in the Loop—its rooftop overlooks Millenium Park—and more than 300 employees, Matt has his sights set high in a business that was not in his thinking when he enrolled at MSU.  A native of Spring Lake, he was a high achiever who had his choice of colleges, but picked MSU because “during a campus visit I really, really liked the feel of the campus and the people.”  He majored in natural science, worked in a chemistry lab, and met his wife Holly.  “MSU gave me a deep, multidisciplinary education that provided me with a foundation for everything I’ve done,” says Matt, who gives special credit to his experience working for MSU Radiology.  “The radiology director, Jim Potchen, was an amazing guy,” he recalls.  “He was on the super-cutting edge and we had some really fantastic conversations.”  Potchen helped connect Matt with a medical imaging group at the University of Chicago, but ironically, Matt’s savvy with computers surfaced and is now his passion.  The fastest growing part of his business is mobile, says Matt, who’d like nothing better than to attend a football game in East Lansing—and perhaps put in a food order at the Peanut Barrel.

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