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  • Published: 12/15/2017
When an entrepreneur uses creativity to save lives, amazing things can happen. 
Just look at Ryan Devlin. His company, This Bar Saves Lives, sells nutrition bars. For every nutrition bar sold, This Bar Saves Lives donates a packet of life-saving food to children in developing countries. “We built our give-back brand on a simple idea: it feels good to do good,” Devlin said. “Millions have supported our mission and we’re constantly challenged to continue disrupting the forces of global food space and impacting lives around the world.”
Devlin founded This Bar Saves Lives in 2013 after taking a humanitarian trip to Liberia, where he saw firsthand the suffering caused by food shortages. Shortly after returning to the U.S., Devlin took immediate action and steered his career from acting in a new direction: social entrepreneurship. 
To date, This Bar Saves Lives has distributed over 750,000 packets to starving children in third-world countries, such as Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Philippines, Nepal, and Guatemala.
This company has forged unique corporate social responsibility partnerships with brands such as Whole Foods, Starbucks, Google, and Target. Devlin, a 2003 Broad College of Business graduate, inspires and educates people with everyday opportunities on how to create a life-changing impact through one simple act.
Devlin’s creativity earned him a spot on Fast Company’s 2017 list of 100 Most Creative People in Business.
In spite of This Bar’s continuing success and growth, Devlin and his team remain committed to what inspired them in the first place.
“Our mission has and will continue to be the same as when this company was started,” he said. “How we deliver on that promise has grown and evolved a bit over the years, as we’ve expanded our giving network and begun to explore additional product categories. Simplicity and clarity are our greatest strengths, which have allowed us to stay focused.”
Check out Devlin's Innovate State livestream here.

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