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Celebrating Homecoming Together, Wherever We Are.

The MSU Alumni Office is excited to announce that we will be celebrating homecoming, Sept. 20-26.

For many, home is a mindset. It is familiarity; shared experiences; a place that’s defined by memories and traditions, rather than a location on a map. Regardless of where we are in the world, we are united by a common thread this Homecoming season: being Spartans. It’s a label that knows no boundaries. While we come from different places, industries and walks of life, we are one community.

Through our virtual Homecoming celebrations this year, we look back on our MSU legacies as we create our own traditions for the future, making ripples of impact along the way. And somehow, when we’re apart, we can end up feeling closer than ever.

No, we aren’t physically coming home to East Lansing this year. But we are sharing the energy of East Lansing — the energy that has led us to where we are today.

Happy homecoming, Spartans. From East Lansing, with love.

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Grand Marshal

Who better to serve as the 2020 Homecoming Grand Marshal than Sparty himself? Join Sparty in the festivities as we celebrate our memories, tradition and all of our favorite things about East Lansing. This year will be unlike any other, but Spartans are up for the challenge! Sometimes we just need our friend Sparty to lead the way, especially when it comes to school spirit! 

Speaking of memories and traditions, check out this history behind the world's greatest mascot. 

Featured Events

Things will be happening a little differently this year as Spartans will not be connecting in person on campus. Instead, it’s a virtual experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. The program will run Sunday, Sept. 20-Saturday, Sept. 26. Our online content is a combination of scheduled (both live and prerecorded), sessions that can be viewed as on-demand sessions during the program dates and activities that you can participate in at any time during the program dates. After scheduled session have premiered, many can be viewed as an on demand session.

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Homecoming Committee

The Michigan State University Homecoming Committee is made up of members of the East Lansing community and MSU campus partners.

Homecoming Chair


Homecoming Committee Members

  • CASEY BYE, Residential and Hospitality Services
  • JESSA BYE, MSU Alumni Office
  • TAMMYE COLES, Student Life
  • PETER DELONG, MSU Alumni Office
  • DAN DIMAGGIO, MSU Alumni Office
    NATISHA FOSTER, Residence Education and Housing Services
    KATHRYN GARDNER, City of East Lansing
  • MARIA GIGGY, MSU Alumni Office
  • MEAGAN HAMILTON-TALLEY, Osteopathic Medicine
  • JODI HANCOCK, Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative
  • ELAINE HARDY, Hannah Community Center
  • KIM HENDERSON, MSU Black Alumni
  • RITA JAHSHAN, Volunteer
    STEVEN KAATZ, MSU Alumni Office
    AIMEE KLEVORN, MSU Alumni Office
  • LENA LOEFFLER, The School of Hospitality Business
    ERIK MAILLARD, Student Life
    JESSICA MUSSELL, University Advancement
  • ELIZABETH NIGRO, University Activities Board 
  • CAROL NOUD, Auxiliary Resources
  • KATIE ODLE, College of Social Science 
  • MEGAN PACKER, Universities Activities Board
  • ALLYN SHAW, Student Affairs and Services
    JEFF SPITZ, East Lansing Police
  • JAMIE TALBERT, Infrastructure Panning and Facilities 
  • KENT WORKMAN, Lyman Briggs College
  • ANGELA ZELL, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities