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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding membership. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via email, or by phone: (877)-MSU-ALUM.

Q: May I join the MSU Alumni Association if I'm not a graduate of MSU?

A: Yes! The MSUAA is for "alumni and friends" of Michigan State University. "Alumni" includes both MSU graduates and those who attended MSU, while "friends" means donors, fans, advocates, parents, and so on- -anyone who has an interest in supporting the university.

Q: How do I join the MSUAA?

A: Very simple. You can join by calling us at (877) MSU-ALUM. You can also join online right this instant. Or you can call us to request our membership application and either fax it to us at (517) 355-5265 or send it via USPS. Please note that after joining online you will have access to the online members-only content within approximately two business days. Joining any other way can take up to 3-4 weeks to process.

Q: What are the costs?

A: A variety of membership types and payment plans are available. Click here to view our current membership options.

Q: Are my dues tax deductible?

A: Based on Internal Revenue Service guidelines and the estimated value of your membership benefits, the full amount of your dues payment may be tax deductible for those who itemize deductions. Consult your tax adviser.

Q: How many members do you have now?

A: Currently about 65,000 from an overall alumni database of 500,000 worldwide.

Q: If I'm a major donor, am I automatically a member of the MSUAA?

A: Not quite. The MSUAA provides many services, such as the MSU Alumni Magazine, to its members, and the IRS does not allow deductible donations to receive items with an economic value. However, through a special arrangement between the MSUAA and University Development, the MSU Alumni Magazine is mailed to major donors (Presidents Club and above). You may join online right now!

Q: What other benefits do members receive in addition to the Magazine?

A: Many, many benefits, including professional and personal enrichment opportunities, international tours, athletic tours, and all kinds of discounts, from Spartan shopping to group insurance products, including short-term major medical, homeowners, renters and auto insurance. Check the Membership Benefits page for a complete list. In addition, we have a network of approximately 125 active Regional Clubs and 26 Constituent (College) Associations to serve you. Overseas, we have International Clubs in a dozen countries.

Q: Do you provide opportunities for MSU alumni and friends to serve Michigan State University?

A: Plenty of opportunities. You can help with student recruitment, in legislative advocacy, serve as a volunteer in a regional club, constituent association or the International Alumni Board, and so on. See the page from the MSUAA executive director, "What You Can Do For MSU." Also, refer to the document: International Alumni Can Help MSU!" which contains many suggestions for how you can get involved with supporting your alma mater.

Q: How do I get a replacement membership card?

A: You may order one by calling our main office: Toll-free: (877) MSU-ALUM (877-678-2586) or Local: (517) 355-8314, or with your request to our office: University Advancement - MSU Alumni Association - Spartan Way - 535 Chestnut Road, Room 300, East Lansing, MI 48824.

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