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Spartan Pathways Travel Catalogs

The Spartan Pathways Travel Catalogs are available in both print and digital forms. Request a copy of the catalog to be mailed to your home, or click below to download them

Inside you'll find tours like our ever-popular Oceania cruises, our Kenya safari, the Galapagos Islands, our affordable tours for younger alumni and more! We hope to have something you will enjoy.

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Please Note: Travel brochures are printed throughout the calendar year. If you request brochures but do not receive them right away, they are still in production. Please be assured that we have documented your request and will mail the brochure(s) once printed. Also, please be aware that availability, prices, and dates may change. All fields marked with an asterisk * are required.
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Some trips have already reached occupancy and have begun a wait list. Prospective travelers may still request brochures for these trips. To add your name to the wait list, please email Regina Cross at, or contact the tour operator.