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Michigan State University

Spartan Book Club

The Spartan Book Club encourages alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends to virtually connect with each other to read and discuss books on a range of topics. Participation in the online forum is free — simply purchase the book or borrow it from your local library. A new book will be chosen approximately every two months. You can join at any time and do not have to participate in every reading session.

How It Works

There are no meetings of the Spartan Book Club — you can participate at your convenience and from anywhere you have Internet access

  • The book club is entirely online and connects through a private forum moderated by PBC Guru. 
  • All discussions and networking take place in the forum. 
  • The moderator poses questions to the group, shares relevant articles and facilitates conversation on topics in the book based on where members should be in the reading schedule. Generally, you’ll receive a weekly email from the moderator throughout the reading period. 
  • Members are encouraged to post in the forum and share as well.  
  • Participation in the online forum is free — simply purchase the book or borrow it from your local library.
  • The book club reads a new book approximately every two months. We vote among several options each period and select a book based on participant interests.  
  • You do not have to participate in every book reading and your level of participation in the discussion is entirely up to you. 

Even if you’ve already read the book, you’re encouraged to still participate by contributing to the conversation — one of the most valuable aspects of this book club is the opportunity to discuss the book with others in the Spartan community. 

Benefits of Participation

  1. Connect with fellow Spartans. The Spartan Book Club introduces you to MSU alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends from various backgrounds, geographies, generations and professions. Meet new people and gain different perspectives while reading and discussing the book.
  2. Embrace lifelong learning. The Spartan Book Club will help you learn and grow with fellow Spartans as you enjoy regular discussions and share personal insights.
  3. Reading is good for you. Reading can reduce stress, help you sleep better and improve your relationships [1]. Did we mention it also makes you smarter? Reading increases your verbal intelligence, your emotional intelligence and your creativity [2].


2021 Reading Schedule

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About the Current Book Selection 

“Long Bright River” is a “powerful and genre-defying” (People) novel set in a Philadelphia neighborhood rocked by the opioid crisis. Two formerly inseparable sisters live in the same area but lead drastically different lives: Mickey is a police officer, while Kacey suffers from addiction and lives on the streets. As children, they were inseparable, but now they barely speak. All of that changes when a mysterious murderer targets women in the area and Kacey goes missing. “Long Bright River” puts a very human face on the effect that addiction can have on generations of families and communities.  

Liz Moore is a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction, including the acclaimed novels "Heft" and The Unseen World.” She is a winner of the 2014-2015 Rome Prize in Literature and lives in Philadelphia.  

Spartan Book Club Online Forum Tips

For members that are newer to the online forum, check out the Spartan Book Club Tips for assistance navigating and interacting in the forum.

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