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Budapest ~ Art, Culture & People

Photo of Budapest ~ Art, Culture & People

Known as the Pearl of the Danube, Budapest welcomes visitors with architectural riches, broad boulevards, cobbled streets, cozy cafés, world-class museums and an alluring blend of romance and history. Stay for seven nights and discover firsthand how this magnificent capital has become one of Europe’s most dynamic cities! Experience the distinct personalities of the twin city: quiet, imperial Buda and chic, buzzing Pest. Marvel at the striking panorama from Fisherman’s Bastion, cruise by Budapest’s illuminated fairy-tale treasures and encounter the Jewish district, including the Great Synagogue and moving memorials. Together, we’ll explore beyond Budapest to discover Visegrád’s hilltop castle, Eger’s picturesque cathedral and Szentendre’s art scene. And, we’ll indulge in a thrilling horse show and delicious Hungarian cuisine, from indulgent pastries to hearty goulash. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed! This active, small-group adventure features seven nights at a first-class hotel in Budapest, plus an extensive meal plan including wine with dinner.

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