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Michigan State University

2024 Solar Eclipse ~ Totality Over Texas

Photo of 2024 Solar Eclipse ~ Totality Over Texas

Join MSU Professor and astronomer *Dr. Megan Donahue and experience an incredible natural phenomenon of a total eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun and be replaced by pink flames and silver streamers that stretch across the sky. Come see the eclipse from the beautiful Lake District north of Austin, Texas. Along with Dr. Donahue, enjoy outstanding expert speakers including Dr. Doug Duncan, Dr. Steve Hawley, Chris Impey and Erica Ellingson. Accommodations are at the Hyatt Regency Austin, close to downtown Austin and where guest lectures will occur or the Horseshoe Bay Resort, in the countryside Lake District, near the centerline of where the eclipse will be viewed. A total eclipse is like no other and one of the best viewing spots for the eclipse will be on this trip. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime. The next total eclipse visible in the U.S. will not occur until 2045. These type of tours sell out quickly so sign up right away!

Trip Inclusions:

  • (3) nights accommodation at either the Hyatt Regency Austin, or Horseshoe Bay Resort.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Daily
  • Internationally Known Guest Speakers
  • Eclipse Viewing Star Party
  • Night viewing with telescopes from Horseshoe Bay which is a Dark Sky Reserve
  • Transportation to and from the Austin International Airport (AUS), as well as to and from all scheduled Eclipse sessions at Horseshoe Bay Resort and Hyatt Regency Austin.
  • Pair of special glasses to view the eclipse.

Travel to Austin is not included although Cain Travel is available to assist you with booking flights.

To register visit this link or contact KatieLyn Miller of Cain Travel at (303) 938-2751 or

Dr. Megan Donahue

Megan Donahue is a University Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University. Megan was the President of the American Astronomical Society from 2018-2020, and has been very active in national and international scientific advisory groups for the last 30 years. Her current research is about the relationship between supermassive black holes, the hot gas surrounding and pervading galaxies, and stars on the evolution of galaxies. She has been teaching astronomy and cosmology to MSU students since 2003. Before that she was a staff astronomer with the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. She has an S. B. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is also one of the authors of a popular set of undergraduate astronomy textbooks, The Cosmic Perspective, along with Jeffrey Bennett, Nick Schneider, and her husband, also an astronomer and MSU Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Mark Voit. This eclipse will be the fourth eclipse Megan has witnessed. She saw the 2017 solar eclipse in her hometown of Inland, Nebraska.

*A minimum number of participants is needed to send the faculty host.