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Michigan State University

Meet the 2023 Homecoming Court

Being selected to represent Michigan State University on the Homecoming Court is considered one of the highest honors for MSU seniors.

  • Kelsey Abner

    Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

    College(s): Broad College of Business, Honors College

    Major(s): Supply Chain Management

    Minor(s): Global Public Health & Epidemiology


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  • Leah Flores-Cabrera

    Hometown: Troy, MI

    College(s): College of Engineering

    Major(s): Applied Engineering Sciences

    Minor(s): Supply Chain Management


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  • Lily Florian

    Hometown: Stevensville, MI

    College(s): College of Education, College of Social Science, Honors College 

    Major(s): Psychology

    Minor(s): Youth and Society, Educational Studies


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  • Brandon Foster

    Hometown: Orchard Lake, MI 

    College(s): College of Communication Arts and Sciences

    Major(s): Communication

    Minor(s): Public Relations


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  • Caleb Fraser

    Hometown: Worland, WY

    College(s): College of Nursing

    Major(s): Nursing (Traditional BSN)


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  • Emily Hoyumpa

    Hometown: Shelby Township, MI

    College(s): James Madison College, Honors College 

    Major(s): Social Relations and Policy

    Minor(s): French, Asian Pacific American Studies


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  • Alyssa Konesky

    Hometown: Howell, MI

    College(s): College of Social Science

    Major(s): Political Science

    Minor(s): Quantitative Data Analytics, German


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  • Nikita Nel

    Hometown: Toledo, OH

    College(s): Lyman Briggs College, Honors College

    Major(s): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology

    Minor(s): Bioethics


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  • George Ramirez-Madrigal

    Hometown: Comstock Park, MI

    College(s): College of Education

    Major(s): Elementary Education

    Minor(s): Spanish


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  • Taylor Sutton

    Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

    College(s): College of Social Science

    Major(s): Social Work

    Minor(s): Defense Studies and Leadership & Human Behavior and Social Services


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  • Rochisshil Varma

    Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal

    College(s): College of Engineering, Honors College

    Major(s): Applied Engineering Sciences: Supply Chain Management 

    Minor(s): Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation


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  • Devin Woodruff

    Hometown: Southfield, MI

    College(s): College of Social Science

    Major(s): Public Policy

    Minor(s): Law, Justice, Public Policy & Business


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