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National MSUAA Board Members

Board members from left to right (back row): Chris Gallick (Association of Future Alumni), Lauren Scott (Association of Future Alumni), Lindsey Warren, John Truscott, Brett Sinta, Sara Dolan, Joe Heck, Clint Crook, Matt Durfee, Merri Jo Bales, Bob Benenson, Keith McGorisk; (second row) Lauren Pereny (Association of Future Alumni), MaryLou Moore, Tom Duncan, Leigh Graves Wolf, Bruce Herman, Eric Hamilton, Courtney Cawley, Sara Belcher (Association of Future Alumni), Michael Cylkowski (Association of Future Alumni); (front row) Scott Westerman, Tom Benner, Bill Featherstone, Kelley Wall, Veronica O'Connor, Tim Mather, Ellen Closs, Bonnie Knutson, Jeff Hicks and Lural Baltimore.

The International Board of the MSUAA is comprised of dedicated, hard-working alumni and supporters who are proud to serve the membership of the association.

2014-2015 board members listed in alphabetical order:

Executive Board

Thomas Benner, Bill Featherstone, Jeffrey Hicks, Veronica O'Connor, Kelley Wall, and Scott Westerman

Advisory Council

Merri Jo Bales, Lural Baltimore, Bob Benenson, Courtney Cawley, Ellen Closs, Clint Crook, Sara Dolan, Tom Duncan, Matt Durfee, Megan Gebhart, Eric Hamilton, Joe Heck, Bruce Herman, Bonnie Knutson, Alex Lozada, Tim Mather, Keith McGorisk, MaryLou Moore, Tony Pastor, Kelly Steffen, Brett Sinta, Heather Swain, Roger Tremblay, John Truscott, Lindsay Warren, Betsy Weber, Leigh Graves Wolf and Stephen Wong.

  • Click here to view the International Board bylaws.

For more information about the International Board (nominations, etc.) contact our staff via email or phone at (517) 884-1000

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