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Michigan State University

About Sparty

Michigan State University's mascot, Sparty, is the heart of the university: forever supporting its teams, bringing smiles to young and old and continually uplifting all who meet him.

Sparty is both fearless and lovable, recognized throughout the state of Michigan and across the nation. He is big and strong, garnering the honor of being voted “Buffest Mascot” by Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Sparty has also been crowned the national champion mascot three times by the Universal Cheer Association, and participates in events across the country —  including the NCAA Hall of Champions: Mascot Mania and the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Despite his size, strength and storied history, Sparty is always available to greet MSU fans with a hug or friendly high-five.

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For More Information: Sparty inquiries may be directed to the MSU Alumni Office via email or by calling (517) 432-0014.