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Michigan State University

It's not just any merch — it's signed by Sparty! The MSU Alumni Office is partnering with Sparty to offer personalized items for the most devoted Spartans worldwide.

Personalized Greeting Cards | $15

Have someone in your life who could use a congrats, atta boy or thinking of you message? Order a personalized card to be sent from Sparty himself! Choose from one of our seven great cards, all with a Sparty flair. 

We currently have cards for the following occasions (click to view a preview of each card):


Coming Soon



Sparty Trading Card | $10

Sparty Trading Cards

Ever wonder what Sparty's favorite ice cream flavor is or how many campus squirrels he can bench press? Us too. Check out his impressive stats with this collectible trading card.

Sparty will personally sign and send this collectable trading card to you or someone special. 

Coming Soon