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The MSU Alumni Association encourages Spartans to organize and support the University through independent alumni clubs and groups. There are many types of alumni organizations, including:

  • Regional Clubs (based on metropolitan areas or zip code ranges)
  • Constituent Alumni Groups (based on academic program or degree)
  • Alumni Interest Clubs (based on University experience)
  • International Alumni Clubs (based on areas outside of the United States)

An Alumni Engagement team member would be pleased to answer your questions.

Regional Clubs

More than 130 Alumni Clubs are located throughout Michigan and the United States. Regional clubs plan local events and activities that bring Spartans together. The MSUAA supports these clubs with funds from paid MSUAA memberships. Click Here to find a club near you. For information about starting an alumni club, contact:

Daniel Mathis (517) 432-1780, Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regions

Daniel Mathis (517) 884-1074, East Michigan Region and special interest groups

Gary Mescher (517) 884-7901, West Michigan Region

Kim Kittleman (517) 432-9457, East Coast Region

Taren James West Coast Region

Regional Assignment Map

International Clubs

Spartans love to get together - no matter where in the world they might be! More than 200 groups and individuals have identified themselves as MSU ambassadors in the country they live.

Read More about International alumni or Find an International Spartan Contact

For more information about becoming an International Club or Ambassador, contact:

Claire Brender (517) 884-2131

Alumni Interest Groups

Alumni Interest Groups are alumni from all colleges, all areas and all years that come together to connect with MSU based on their college experience. Quite often, these are alumni who shared a common experience with a student organization or student experience. Some of our current AIG groups are listed below. For more information about starting a new group, contact:

Daniel Mathis (517) 884-1074

Connect with an Alumni Interest Group:

Constituent Alumni Groups

Constituent Alumni Groups are governed by boards established by colleges and academic programs at Michigan State University. The list of Constituent groups affiliated with MSUAA is below. We provide financial support for these groups with funds from paid MSUAA membership.

Click Here for a list of Constituent Alumni Groups

For more information about Constituent Alumni Groups, contact:

Barb Susa-Fineis (517) 432-2211

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