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By Bob Bao
Published: Spring 1997
IN-BASKET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PARAMOUNT Your article on the College of Human Ecology ('A Century of Vision: The Legacy Continues,' Winter 1997, pp. 16-20) portrayed a very accurate picture of how things were when I was in school, and also of the school's progress, as I read and hear about it from my daughter Marcia. Of my strong feelings for our college, two are paramount: 1) How well prepared I have been by my academic experiences in our college compared to others I have met and worked with in my career, and 2) how important it is for the future of our society to continue seeking knowledge and apply methods to getting children established in homes, families, and communities. Gladys Bond Vandenbelt, '32, M.S. '40 Ann Arbor Another reflection of Gladys's support of MSU's College of Human Ecology is that her daughter Marcia also received the same two degrees from the college, a B.S. in dietetics in 1964 and an M.S. in nutrition in 1983. --Editor. LEARNING TECHNOLOGY Thanks for publicizing MSU's 'technology in the classroom' program (see Winter 1997, pp. 6-7). Your photo showed me in 102 Conrad Hall, a wonderful newly renovated lecture room, where I offered 'Telecommunication 370: History of Film and Documentary.' Besides the media cart, I had access to both a first rate video projection system and a hi-tech audio program for screening of films. I salute President McPherson and Provost Lou Anna Simon for providing the impetus for these reconfigured classrooms. As well, I acclaim crucial support units, including the Instructional Media Center and the Office of Facilities and Planning and Space Management. All these folks have made the classroom experience at MSU a richer one for us and for the students. Erik S. Lunde Professor, American Thought and Language SUN BOWL Congratulations to the MSU Alumni Association for the first class tour to El Paso, TX. Highlighting a great week was the MSUAA's pep rally at Cattleman's Ranch. What a flood of impressions: a) 1,000 Spartans fed 'cooked to order' huge steaks in 32 minutes (any MSU hospitality training here?), b) MSUAA executive director Keith Williams resplendent in cowboy hat and bandana, awarding prizes to Spartans all over the country, and c) Bob Weiss, chairperson of MSU's Board of Trustees, high atop John Madden's directors ladder leading the Spartan Marching Band in Leonard Falcone's arrangement of Francis Irving Lankey's 'MSU Fight Song.' If the week ended on a downer, at least it was at the hands of (Stanford coach) Spartan Tyronne Willingham, '76. Marty Coates, '67, and Jerry Marshall, '65 Lansing Marshall is the 'voice' of Spartan baseball, hockey, and the MSU Marching Band. --Editor. Another mediocre season, and a post-season debacle (38-0 defeat vs. Stanford). When is MSU going to get serious about football? The latest savior, Nick Saban, demonstrated his commitment by considering the New York Giants after only two years at MSU. In accepting the MSU job, Saban indicated it was the only position he ever wanted. We are weary of supporting an embarassing program, and weary of alumni publications putting on a positive face one mediocre season after another. I hope the MSU administration will take the necessary steps to restore MSU's legitimate position as a national athletics power. Derek Crissimi, '73 Lawrenceville, GA SPARTY MASCOT Thanks for your cover story on the world's best mascot, Sparty. I had the privilege to be SPARTY in 1993-94 and it was one of the greatest joys of my life. It was a vehicle which took me to places I would have never seen otherwise. From performing at Spartan Stadium and the Breslin Center to volunteering time at a local school for the deaf, the benefits that I received far outweigh the smiles SPARTY brought to thousands of faces. So, thanks again for putting Sparty in the spotlight. Larry Lage, '95 Lansing A sports journalist in both print and radio, Larry Lage is currently the play-by-play announcer for MSU's women's basketball team, which has enjoyed a great season. --Editor. Though we often associate Sparty with athletic programs, the mascot transcends sports. As a former Sparty (1990-92), I was proud that our mascot symbolized excellence in academics, philanthropy, research and the arts. Indeed, Sparty represented green and white pride for students, alumni and future Spartans worldwide. Thanks for commending LoRae Hamilton, aka 'Sparty's Mom,' and all the students who have made the mascot program so successful. Christopher G. Horner, '92 Dallas, TX LOGOPOWER I can't help but notice a new attitude at MSU since President McPherson has come with a new team in athletics. Dr. Merritt Norvell and the new coaches in football and basketball are spearheading a revival of Spartan Pride. I think alumni can help in many ways, among them going to our local athletic store and insisting that they carry Spartan logo products. We want people all over the nation to associate Green and White Spartan wear with pride and excellence. Art Baker, w'97 Kalamazoo BLINDING GLIMPSE Great Fall 1996 issue. I received it several months ago but have just began to read it. I was very impressed with (executive director) Keith Williams' column about inculcating alumni values as soon as students enter the campus. My wife Janet, '78, has a favorite term for such an idea--'a blinding glimpse of the obvious!' Kudos to Keith for taking action on this idea. Bob Eder, '75 Evanston, IL ANOTHER DEGREE You listed William Kuchta as receiving an M.A. in '77 (Fall 1996, p. 51). Actually, he received his M.L.I.R. This distinction is important to us since our degree is often compared to an MBA and we want everyone to know the availability of this degree program at MSU. Janice Trudgeon, '80 Alumni Liaison School of Labor and Industrial Relations UPDATE James Quello, '35 (see Winter 1997, pp. 22-24), will leave the FCC after serving 22 years as a member. Quello, 82, plans to teach at his alma mater, Michigan State. Ike McKinnon (see Spring 1994, p. 12), Ph.D. '85, Detroit police chief, as 'Citizen of the Year' by WWJ at MSU's Troy Management Education Center. Robin Roberts, '48, MSU basketball and baseball star and Hall of Fame major league pitcher, has co-authored The Whiz Kids And The 1950 Pennant (Temple University Press, 1996)--the story of the 1950 Phillies' Cinderella season that captured the nation's hearts. Details (Feb. 1997) asked movie actor James Caan (The Godfather, Brian's Song), who played football for MSU in the 1950s, for his checklist of a 'real man.' Under 'song a real man should sing in the shower,' Caan cites 'The Michigan State University Fight Song.'
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