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Each year 10-12 outstanding MSU students are selected to represent the university as members of the Homecoming Court. The 2016-2017 Homecoming Court members are:

Claire Bratzel

Claire Louise Bratzel

Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Colleges: James Madison College
Major: Social Relations and Policy
Study Abroad: Cuba (Fall 2013), Washington (Spring 2015), Italy (Summer 2015)
Spot on Campus: Beal Botantical Gardens
Person/People: My floormates from 4 North Case, JMC
Activity: Izzone Campout
Ritual or Tradition: The Land Grant Tradition
Time of Year: Early October
Academic Class: MC 380: Social Policy
Noise or Sound on Campus: Marching Band Practice
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Doug Toma award recipient
  • Assistant Recruitment Coordinator, James Madison admissions office
  • Member, Honors College fundraising group
  • Dean's List (six semesters)
  • Member of an MSU student panel and spoke about "Why I Love MSU," making several alumni cry with my response
Elexis Grimes

Elexis Charde' Grimes

Hometown: Eastpointe, MI
Colleges: Eli Broad College of Business
Major: Accounting
Study Abroad: Art in Tanzania Internship (Summer 2016), Intensive Kiswahili Group Project Abroad (Summer 2016)
Spot on Campus: Wells Hall
Person/People: Dr. Amy Radford-Popp & Dr. Damaris Choti
Activity: Playing volleyball
Ritual or Tradition: Dancing to a range of music
Time of Year: Summer
Academic Class: Swahili
Noise or Sound on Campus: Singing birds
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Community Leader, Residential Business Program
  • President, Kongamano student group
  • Resident Assistant, McDonel Hall
  • Intern, Ernst & Young (Summer 2017)
  • Member, National Association of Black Accountants
Ahmad Hassan

Ahmad Khalid Hassan

Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Colleges: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Major: Food Industry Management
Study Abroad: Rome and Florence (Spring 2015)
Spot on Campus: The Union
Person/People: Sparty and the Alpha's
Activity: Football Season games
Ritual or Tradition: Midnight Screams
Time of Year: Spring
Academic Class: MKT 325
Noise or Sound on Campus: Beaumont Tower
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Intern, Frito-Lay, Google and Martinrea
  • MSU Intercultural Aide
  • Member, MSU Homecoming Court
  • Acceptance to Michigan State University
  • Member, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Zeta Delta Chapter
Ellen Hicks

Ellen Beibei Hicks

Hometown: Pinckney, MI
Colleges: College of Communication Arts and Sciences, College of Social Science
Major: Psychology
Spot on Campus: Sitting by the Red Cedar River
Person/People: Intercultural Aides
Activity: Talking to other fellow Spartans and meeting new people.
Ritual or Tradition: Getting a picture with the Spartan Statue.
Time of Year: Fall
Academic Class: PSY 424 and PSY 244
Noise or Sound on Campus: Beaumont Tower
Significant Accomplishments:

  • MSU Intercultural Aide
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Rispoli Research Lab and MSU ELLI Lab, NAP Project
  • Founding member, Sigma Alpha Omega Sorority
  • President, Somewhere in Between student organization
  • LiveOn Street Team Member
Lazarius Miller

Lazarius A'da Miller

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Colleges: College of Education, College of Natural Science
Major: Biological Sciences, Secondary Science Education
Spot on Campus: Brody Neighborhood
Person/People: Michelle Hamilton, Kelly High McCord, Dr. Dorinda Carter, Dr. Louise Mead, Dr. Judi Brown Clark, Traci King, my residents of Armstrong (2014-2016) and Rather (2016-2017)
Activity: Fall move in/welcome week
Ritual or Tradition: Go Green/Go White (call & Response)
Time of Year: September, start of fall semester
Academic Class: TE 250, TE351, EAD 362
Noise or Sound on Campus: cheers from the football stadium during a night football game and the MSU Fight Song
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Resident Assistant, Brody Neighborhood
  • Student Supervisor of Student Development, MSU's Residence Education and Housing Services
  • College of Natural Science Dean's Research Scholar
  • Student Speaker, Empower Extraordinary event in Detroit (Fall 2015)
  • Site leader, SPARTANS WILL. POWER Global Day of Service
Jason Porter

Jason Michael Porter

Hometown: Milford, NH
Colleges: College of Social Science
Major: Political Science
Spot on Campus: Crossing the Red Cedar and Seeing Spartan Stadium in front of you
Person/People: Sparty
Activity: ASMSU General Assembly Meetings
Ritual or Tradition: Midnight Scream during finals
Time of Year: Fall (Sept/Oct)
Academic Class: Consitutional Law
Noise or Sound on Campus: the band practicing on Saturday Morning
Significant Accomplishments:

  • President, Akers Hall
  • College of Social Science representative, ASMSU General Assembly
  • Vice President for Internal Administration, ASMSU
  • Mentor and advisor to 100 student leaders on campus
  • MSU representative, Association of Big Ten Students
Alexa Ruestman

Alexa Anne Ruestman

Hometown: St. Johns, MI
Colleges: James Madison College
Major: Social Relations and Policy
Study Abroad: London (Summer 2015)
Spot on Campus: The benches outside the Broad Museum
Person/People: My Delta Gamma sisters
Activity: Watching the fireworks at Sparticipation with the newest MSU freshman for the first time
Ritual or Tradition: Singing the alma mater before football games
Time of Year: Spring- when you see future Spartans commiting to MSU and seniors getting ready to graduate.
Academic Class: ADV 325- Public Relations Technique & Ethics, MC498: Senior seminar in Education Policy
Noise or Sound on Campus: The drumline practicing beneath the pines
Significant Accomplishments:

  • President, Delta Gamma Sorority
  • Intern, Executive Office of the Governor
  • Resident Assistant
  • Student Ambassador, James Madison College
  • Honors College member
Dorothoy Shewchuck

Dorothy Katherine Shewchuck

Hometown: Charlotte, MI
Colleges: James Madison College
Major: International Relations
Spot on Campus: The sitting area outside of Hannah Admin by the Red Cedar river.
Person/People: My 4 South famiy from Freshman year
Activity: Tailgating with all my friends and family on football Saturdays
Ritual or Tradition: Singing of the MSU Shadows at the end of athletic events
Time of Year: Fall when the leaves are changing
Academic Class: Professor Qing's Senior Seminar
Noise or Sound on Campus: Beaumont Tower ringing
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Vice President, Marketing Mix Association
  • Intern, La Bottega Shanghai (Summer 2016)
  • Student employee, Office of the President
  • Fundraising Chair, Corporate Retail Association
  • Administrative Assistant, MSU Food Truck and MSU's corporate test kitchen
Julianne Streukens

Julianne Elizabeth Streukens

Hometown: Flushing, MI
Colleges: College of Natural Science
Major: Microbiology and Genomics and Molecular Genetics
Spot on Campus: The Children's Garden
Person/People: MAPS Study Sigma Alpha Omega sisters, Dr. Henry
Activity: Adventuring through the different areas in and around campus
Ritual or Tradition: Tailgating with my family before the first home game every year since I was five
Time of Year: Fall (for Football)
Academic Class: ZOL/IBIO 341 Fundamental Genetics
Noise or Sound on Campus: Beaumont Tower ringing
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Cru Bible Study leader, MSU's North Neighborhood
  • Founding member, Sigma Alpha Omega Sorority
  • First place recipient, MSU Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Division (2014, 2016)
  • Cast Member, Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom
  • Noted as a research lab assistant in a paper that will be published
Katrine Weismantle

Katrine Williams Weismantle

Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Colleges: College of Arts and Letters, College of Social Science
Major: Social Work
Study Abroad: Amsterdam (Summer 2015)
Spot on Campus: The Rose Gardens
Person/People: Monaca Eaton and Alex C. Lange
Activity: All of the cultural events that go on from the Black Power Rally to the Lunar New Year and events that demonstrate the collective power that we have as Spartans.
Ritual or Tradition: The MSU Alma Mater
Time of Year: Fall when the leaves are changing
Academic Class: SW 200, SW 310, WS 304, WS 492
Noise or Sound on Campus: Beaumont Tower's Bells
Significant Accomplishments:

  • Peer mentor, Freshman Seminar in Natural Sciences
  • Member, Sexual Violence Advisory Committee
  • MSU Intercultural Aide
  • Assisted in the creation of an inclusive diversity e-learning program for all incoming Spartan students
  • Child Welfare Intern, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services of Ingham County
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