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Italy's Magnificent Lake District

Photo of Italy's Magnificent Lake District

Discover northern Italy’s lake district, where sparkling lakes mirror emerald hills and craggy slopes. From the home base in Stresa by Lake Maggiore, spend indulgent days exploring beautiful islands and elegant shores dusted with sunlight. Witness a Romanesque basilica on Isola San Giulio, and stroll through charming Bellagio, where poets and writers from around the world have found inspiration. Cruise aboard a private boat to the Borromean Islands, home to a lavish island estate and a quaint fishermen’s islet. Glide across Lake Como, passing fairy-tale villas and colorful villages, and learn the secrets of northern Italian cuisine during a cooking lesson and an indulgent lunch. In Milan, feast your eyes on Leonardo’s “The Last Supper” and visit the legendary La Scala, Italy’s opulent opera house. Handcrafted for enjoyment, this small group journey features a first-class hotel, an extensive meal plan and a series of lectures to enhance the understanding of this region.