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Easy Company: England to the Eagle's Nest

Photo of Easy Company: England to the Eagle's Nest

The HBO miniseries Band of Brothers brought the story of the 101st Airborne Division’s 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment “Easy Company” to millions of viewers. In the decades since its 2001 premiere, the men of Easy Company have become world famous, with their actions recounted and steps retraced from England to the Eagle’s Nest. Take part in this personal journey to the beaches, bridges, cities, and villages where the legendary Easy Company fought the crucial battles across Europe and changed the course of history. Every tour features an original cast member from the miniseries, making this tour a truly unique experience.

Optional three-night pre-tour
"Churchill’s London” pre-tour is also available prior to the commencement of the main tour. Enjoy three nights in London at the luxurious Rubens at the Palace Hotel, a historic 5-star property that dates back to the 1700s and has served royalty throughout the centuries. Two full days exploring the wartime life of Sir Winston Churchill will provide context of what the UK was like when Easy Company arrived there to train in 1944. Touring includes Chartwell, Sir Winston’s countryside manor; the storied Churchill War Rooms, hidden beneath the streets of Westminster; and the Imperial War Museum, home of artifacts of British conflicts from the World War I to the present. Breakfast at the hotel is included each morning, and lunches during the full days of touring are included. Evenings are free to enjoy London on your own.

Churchill's London - $1,999 per person, single $2,759