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Michigan State University

Odyssey to Oxford

Experience the World-Famous University of Oxford

Quench your thirst for knowledge by studying at one of the world’s most famous universities while you experience Oxford as a student. This two-week lifelong education abroad program takes you on a rare adventure to Oxford, England – “City of Dreaming Spires” – and to the University of Oxford, famous as a great center of learning since the 12th century.

If you would like to be added to the email list for 2024, contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email for details.

About the 2024 Program

The dates for 2024 are Aug. 18 - 31. Each participant enrolls in one non-credit course of study taught by a University of Oxford tutor. Participants enjoy the relaxed but intellectually stimulating atmosphere of small classes and course-related field trips. Additionally, there are several group excursions planned for all participants.

The courses of study for the 2024 program are:
  • Fifteen Centuries of British Monarchy taught by Ann Lyon
  • The Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Gothic Novel: Prohibition and Transgression taught by Emma Plaskitt
  • The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey: England’s Renaissance Cardinal taught by Glenn Richardson
  • The World of the Eighteenth-Century Country House taught by Gillian White

Free time during the program offers participants many opportunities to explore the city of Oxford, which is rich with cultural and leisure activities, offering a variety of museums, bookstores, theaters, restaurants, pubs, shops and natural settings to visit.

Participants should plan to participate in the program in its entirety, which includes all course lectures, scheduled excursions and group meals and accommodations at Rewley House, to maximize your experience.

For an overview of the program, review the online brochure from 2023.

View 2023 Program Brochure

The 2024 brochure is expected to be available in late December here on this webpage. We will not be printing and mailing any brochures. If you'd like to be sure to receive notification when the brochure is available and subsequent communications related to when application opens, contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email.


Application for the 2024 Program

Application for the 2024 is expected to open in late January/early February. If you would like to be added to the email list for 2024, contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email for details.


The program fee includes tuition, course-related excursions, several group excursions, accommodations and most meals. There is an additional supplement for a single room.

A $500 per person deposit is required to secure a place in the program once your application is complete.

Program Accommodation and Requirements

We strive to treat all participants fairly and equally and keep everyone safe while enjoying the program.

To fully benefit from this experience, participants must be able to keep pace with the group. This program will be challenging for anyone who has difficulty walking, other mobility issues, visual impairments, some pulmonary or cardiovascular conditions. Excursions involve walking that may range, over time, from one to three miles, less than half an hour to a couple of hours and may necessitate walking on uneven, steep or hilly ground, uphill terrain, unpaved surfaces or climbing steep and narrow stairs. England is not ADA accessible to the extent that the United States is - ramps and elevators are not common and walking to a destination is often required. Oxford’s historic city center has many cobblestone streets and walkways and the age and layout of many buildings in Oxford can make them challenging to traverse as well.

All participants should also be prepared to abide by all required safety protocols at their origin, destination and any points of transit, whatever these protocols may be at the time of the program.

The MSU Alumni Office reserves the right to decline to accept or dismiss any participant from the program should their physical or mental condition, action or attitude impede the operation of the program or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other participants. The MSU Alumni Office and Oxford cannot provide any ongoing assistance to participants. Any requested accommodation and/or physical or mental condition that may require special assistance or medical attention must be reported in writing at the time of application. Requested accommodation must be approved prior to travel and the MSU Alumni Office and Oxford cannot accept responsibility for any participant who does not communicate such requests prior to the program. This will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the program for all participants. 

Any requested accommodation and/or physical or mental condition will be kept confidential and shared only with relevant MSU Alumni Office and Oxford staff to ensure the participant’s requests are met to the best of our ability.

The well-being of participants is our highest priority. We respectfully request that prospective participants honestly consider the requirements and whether this program is a good fit for them. Prospective participants should also carefully consider their own health, including whether they are at increased risk for illness, and assess their personal risk tolerance. If there are any questions, we encourage prospective participants to contact the MSU Alumni Office prior to applying for the program.


Refer to page 11 of the program brochure.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Refer to pages 11-12 of the program brochure.


If you have questions about the Odyssey to Oxford program, contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email.

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