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Michigan State University

Allison Campbell, Young Alumni Award Recipient


Allison Campbell, Young Alumni Award Recipient


B.A. James Madison College and Honors College, 2008; M.B.A. Harvard University, 2018

Young Alumni Award: Presented to alumni age 40 or younger who have distinguished themselves through a high level of professional accomplishment early in their career.

She is an international entrepreneur, a company co-founder and a Spartan.

Allison Campbell has taken her education and jumped into the international business arena with phenomenal success. While attending MSU, Campbell was a member of ASMSU, the James Madison College Senate, and the MSU Model United Nations. She received the Hollings Scholarship, an award given to 100 students nationwide. She received her B.A. in International Relations from James Madison College where she was a member of the Honors College. After eight years in the corporate world working in India and China markets, she returned to higher education to begin her M.B.A. at Harvard.

During her graduate work, she and a member of her cohort co-founded the Mexico City-based Zubale in 2018, the leading Latin American e-commerce ecosystem. Today Zubale has scaled to help retailers win in e-commerce across six countries in Latin America including Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Through their gig worker marketplace and world class technology they power their clients back end e-commerce operations to deliver the best quality fulfillment service and help their B2B retailer customers grow. To date Zubale has completed over 15 million e-commerce deliveries across Latin America, built a global team of 400 people, and empowered over 10,000 gig workers to improve their quality of life through access to work and financial products and services. Campbell’s entrepreneurial leadership has exemplified the extraordinary difference Spartans can make in the world.

“Spartans are powerful. Spartans will, as you know. And for me that's been a huge opportunity to open my vision and to have a global impact.”

Who will have a global impact? Spartans Will.

Author: Amelia Shugar