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From the Editor - Fall 2023

Spartan Magazine Cover Fall 2023

From the Editor - Fall 2023


When it comes to sustainability, we have a lot of questions: Will today’s decisions be a benefit or a burden for future generations? How can we achieve balance between Earth and humanity? When I get a new smartphone, what happens to the old one?

It’s a lot to unpack.

Luckily, MSU educates and collaborates with the kind of people who are dedicated to being part of the answers. Like Sustainable Transportation Manager Tim Potter, who, in addition to espousing the joys of bicycling at MSU Bikes, knows that getting around on a pedal-powered two-wheeler is just as positive for your health as it is for the environment.

It’s a simple example of how sustainability works—you give something, you get something.

In the pages ahead, you’ll find stories of research, education and everyday exchanges that push the sustainability envelope. It all serves as an inspiring reminder that there’s more to that word than meets the eye. Because, by making a commitment to sustainability, we’re making an investment in the future.

And that’s something every Spartan can get behind. No question about it.

From the banks,

Tim Cerullo, ’08






Contrary to the In Memoriam listings in the winter 2023 issue, I am not deceased. I am still alive and well and I wish all my 1969 classmates and my 1973 human medicine classmates a big hello! Go Green!

James D. Gilbert, M.D., ’69, ’73, HICKORY CONERS, MI



I was cynical at first, but I think putting the Multicultural Center at such a central place on campus will be really good. College should be a place where you not only study curriculum, but expand in many ways. I hope it will be a hub for many eye-opening dialogues.

Simon Gonzalez, ’15, WYANDOTTE, MI / VIA FACEBOOK

Author: Tim Cerullo, '08

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