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From the Editor - Spring 2022

Spring 22 Cover, Endea Owens

From the Editor - Spring 2022


At my elementary school, there was a group called Service Squad. These were the older kids, fifth- and sixth-graders in orange sashes and safety vests, who would keep lunch lines in order, sort the recycling or help kids find their bus after the bell. I looked up to these students. They were doing things that needed to be done and they were doing them for the good of us all.

Now that we’re “grown-ups,” the folks doing good aren’t always so easy to identify. But they’re still doing what needs to be done. This issue explores the role of service in the Spartan experience. We’ll meet six alumni who are affecting the world in different ways, find inspiration in the Great Lakes, get a feel for MSU Extension’s outreach and top it off with a trip to the Dairy Store.

In my grade school days, I thought you only looked up to people who are senior to you. Now, I know age has nothing to do with it. If it’s in your nature to extend a hand and keep

looking at challenges from new angles, I’m looking up to you.

There are a lot of Spartans who fit the bill.


From the Banks,

Tim Cerullo, ’08





Thank you for sharing important articles like Screening for Dementia with AI in the Spartan Magazine. I love hearing about collaborations between universities that are focused on solving important research topics.

While I grew up in East Lansing and attended MSU in the ’60s, I now live in Oregon. Since reading the fall 2021 issue and learning about the collaborative work on Dementia with Oregon Health & Science University, I have reached out to OHSU to be part of the study. Thank you MSU.

Andrew Clark, D.V.M., ’62, ’64, PENDLETON, OR



Thank you for the eye-opening article on equipment for the MSU football team. Not too many people give much thought to all the details and logistics that go into a game much less a traveling event. The duties are tireless and thankless so much of the time. Thank you for making each event that you participate with one of enjoyment for those who attend. Go Green!

Maggie Maczulski, ’72, LIBERTYVILLE, IL



I was so happy to see the picture of my MSU Nursing Class in the recent edition of Spartan. Our class was the first to graduate from Michigan State University in 1955, the year that the name was changed.

I have so many happy memories of my classmates and the experiences we had together. Those of us who are still living, correspond by email.

I am so proud of the growth of the nursing program and to see the students and programs making a difference in health care.

Helen (Betty) Cody, B.S.N., M.S.N., ’55, HOUSTON, TX

Author: Tim Cerullo, '08

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