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From the Editor - Winter 2023

Cover of winter 2023 issue of Spartan featuring Asieh Mahyar

From the Editor - Winter 2023


Creating an issue of Spartan takes all kinds. From writing and proofreading to printing and mailing, it’s an intricate network of people and personalities, each with a critical function. As is so often true in all aspects of life: our individual efforts are the pieces that build great things.

An essential part of being a Spartan is working together and celebrating the various backgrounds and experiences we bring to the table. And when we continue to make more space at that table, it only furthers our progress.

It’s been a pleasure to compile the stories of Spartans who embrace this ethos in their work and everyday lives. They span the globe, advance important causes and promote belonging and inclusion in many different ways for many different groups.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. And the magazine you’re holding is tangible evidence—both in its creation and its content—of what we can do when we put all the pieces together.


From the Banks,

Tim Cerullo, ’08





In some 56 years of reading the alumni magazine, I could have gathered that MSU is an institution producing well-paid stars of business and the entertainment areas of sports, stage and screen. But a whole issue dedicated to nuclear physics and fresh water ecology!?

Sarcasm aside, please keep doing this.

Gary C. Salk, Ph.D., ’66, POWELL, TN



In the article regarding the news that UCLA and USC will be joining the Big 10 (Fall ’22 issue), the “official clashes” section lists the Sept. 28, 1974, game against UCLA as having taken place in Pasadena, California. That is incorrect. The game took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. I was there!

Gregory T. Haley, ’71, AUBURN HILLS, MI



In the Fall 2022 issue, MORGAN FUSSELL, JR., ’83, was erroneously included in our In Memoriam section. We regret this error and send our deepest apologies to Mr. Fussell, his family and friends, as well as the Spartan community for any distress caused by this misprint.



Author: Tim Cerullo, '08

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