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MSU to Celebrate #GivingTuesday Nov. 30, 2021

#GivingTuesday brings a lasting impact to many MSU students and the programs that work to enhance their Spartan experience. Programs who participate in MSU’s #GivingTuesday fundraising efforts have been able to provide their students with more resources, opportunities and a better student experience due to the generosity of MSU alumni and friends. Two exemplary programs who regularly participate in giving days are MSU’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) and the MSU Pompon team.


Collegiate Recovery Community 

By participating in #GivingTuesday in 2020, the CRC was able to raise an additional $2,140 from 22 donors, which immediately helped the lives of MSU students in recovery. Two students, Wyatt and Kira, were directly impacted by these gifts and credit the CRC scholarship as a lifeline for maintaining a positive, sober college experience. A student participant in the CRC said, “Being a part of CRC has truly helped change my life for the better….It takes a lot of hard work, focus and dedication continuing sobriety on a college campus, and the CRC makes it that much easier to do so. I have been blessed meeting some incredible and inspiring individuals since being a part of the CRC.”


CRC Flag
photo of Kira
"The CRC has helped me a lot since I have been a student at MSU by having a constant on campus resource to help me through my long-term recovery as a college student. Having a place to go, a consistent schedule for meetings and meeting new friends through the program has helped a lot for me. The scholarship has helped me pay rent where I live which gives me a safe space to be as a college student in recovery."


"The opportunity to receive scholarships in the CRC is a beautiful blessing that we as the students of CRC are so incredibly grateful to have... The scholarship money that is awarded can go to many great things... for me personally I use part of the scholarship money to put towards gas so that I can provide transportation for my fellow peers in the CRC. Whether it be for going to recovery meetings or as simple as providing a ride for groceries... I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart to be of service to my fellow peers and have the opportunity to give back what people have so graciously been giving me since I've gotten sober."

Wyatt, CRC scholarship recipient



MSU Pompon

Through their participation in raising funds via the CrowdPower platform, the MSU Pompon team has been able to keep competing and providing life-changing experiences and opportunities for team members. In their last campaign, the team raised $16,751 from 263 donors. These funds allow the team to continue operating and providing the opportunity for Spartans to compete on the national stage.


“Crowdpower is essential to our team’s success for each season. Without the support of our amazing friends, family, alumni and Spartan fans, we wouldn’t be able to compete or participate in our normal season. In my last year at MSU, I have been able to fully participate through the generosity of our fans. I am grateful that my team is fully funded and able to compete in the High Kick Championships this November and Collegiate State Championships next semester to represent our University.”

-Jenna Potter, Senior, Treasurer 


Jenna with Sparty bench


Giving days like #GivingTuesday can bring a profound and lasting impact on programs and students all across the MSU campus. Please consider making a gift to your favorite program on Nov. 30 to continue providing the Spartan experience to as many students as possible. Find your project to support today on the CrowdPower platform.