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New Documentary Explores Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism has entered more mainstream conversations in the last decade thanks to its influence on fashion and art, notably in the music of Janelle Monáe and the film “Black Panther.”

However, the idea of Afrofuturism, which often combines science fiction, technology and a black understanding of liberty, expands beyond pop culture into social action.

To help answer the question of what Afrofuturism is, MSU Professor of English Julian Chambliss talked with experts around the country about the innovative movement for “Afrofantastic: The Transformative World of Afrofuturism,” a new Public Broadcasting Service documentary.

“Afrofuturism is a vehicle for people from many different disciplines to celebrate Blackness and reject the burdens of the past,” said Chambliss, the creator and host of “Afrofantastic.” “One of the things that all of these people share in their visions for Afrofuturism is a more inclusive space that helps and nurtures everyone.”

Chambliss worked with Peter Johnston, digital media and film production manager with the MSU Film Studies Program, who helped edit and co-produce the series. 

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