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The Lasting Impact of Spartan Service

Calhoun County Spartan packing food boxes

The Lasting Impact of Spartan Service

Spartans are a global community more than 500,000 strong and they’re passionate about making the world a better place. On April 17, Spartans worldwide participated in virtual and socially distanced service projects making a profound impact on their communities and beyond. The desire to do good did not wane with social distancing practices. If anything, the will to serve was stronger than ever.

While the Global Day of Service happens every year, 2021 provided a unique opportunity for Spartans. In many ways, project planners had to think outside the box to provide options for Spartans to safely interact while making the world a better place. This resulted in dozens of projects ranging from writing cards for seniors to providing live cooking demonstrations to helping map areas for humanitarian relief.

Below are just a few ways that Spartans showed the world the extraordinary impact that can be made through service.

Our MSU alumni clubs are a vital part of spreading the spirit of giving back to their local communities. Several clubs planned service projects this year including the Chicago Spartans who packed over 3,000 meals for residents of the Chicago area, and the Calhoun County Spartans who packaged 1,000+ boxes of fresh food for families.   

group of Chicago Spartans posing in masks after their service project
Calhoun Spartan packing food bags in
Calhoun Spartan packing eggs in a box
Two Calhoun Spartans posing

When you're a Spartan, you're part of something far bigger than campus' 5,200 acres. International alumni clubs from around the globe also did their part April 17, serving from as many as 7,500 miles from East Lansing. The Hong Kong Spartans hosted a live cooking demonstration and fundraiser to help offer opportunities for those in need in their community, and Spartans in Beijing had a meaningful tree-planting event.

Cooking demonstration by the Hong Kong Spartans
Group photo of Hong Kong Spartans
Group of Beijing Spartans after tree planting

Many Spartans turned to finding virtual ways to make an impact this year as well. It provided a way for Spartans in Michigan to serve with Spartans in Orlando. The Orlando Spartans planned a project charting unmapped areas of the world to provide easier humanitarian relief. The group met over Zoom to provide instructions and interact with each other while serving.

Orlando Spartans in a Zoom meeting for a service project
Colorado Spartan collecting items for a drive


Thank you to all who participated in this inspiring day. The desire to do good does not stop here. Spartans are encouraged to consider the needs of their community and plan or participate in service projects year-round.