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Director's Message

  • Author:
    W. Scott Westerman III
  • Published:
    Fall 2014

            Ponder the grape. It is a microcosm of the Spartan Spirit. Green through and through, yet diverse in its flavors. Gifted with the ability to nurture our bodies even as it can be transformed by thefire of our creativity.

            This issue celebrates two powerful essentials: science and artistry. We see how Spartans are directly involved in rejuvenating our economy, taking an old craft to new heights. We marvel at the mixture of skill and curiosity that has always empowered Spartan innovation. And we are introduced to some of the extraordinary minds of both educators and students, who continue to deepen our understanding of life’s most fascinating dimensions. 

            The Spartan Life is a continual renaissance.It’s a visionary coach who saw the value of a playing field that was representative of the world we live in;it’s a medical school that inspires underserved student populations to imagine themselves as doctors; and it’s a National Geographic executive editor, perpetuating MSU’s margin of excellence through endowed scholarships that will create abundant new generations of Leaders, Lifesavers and World Changers. The bold proposition that we can do great things, together, is at the root of our Spartan vineyard, an ecosystem that continues to bear beautiful fruit.

            To stay a part of this wondrous ecosystem, I welcome you to tap into our Alumni LENS program, yourresource for lifelong enrichment and your network of Spartans helping Spartans.

            As you sample a few of the many MSU vintages celebrated in this issue, I hope you’ll raise a toast to the extraordinary students who are continually writing new recipes for purposeful success, to the gifted teachers who fire students' imaginations,and to the men and women of vision who are, even now, helping sowthe seeds of an abundant future.

            The grape, after all, is a lot like us: progeny of generations past, and capable of contributions that nourish our spirits and strengthen us to become something that others can only imagine.