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President's Message

  • Author:
    Lou Anna K. Simon
  • Published:
    Winter 2015

            It’s our time.

            As Spartans, we have the heart, the talent, and the tenacity to make an extraordinary impact by delivering both excellence and opportunity. This has been true since our pioneering beginning, and it remains true today.

            But in a world of increasing complexity, at a time of decreasing funding, it’s time to ask: What will be our legacy to future Spartans and the world they will inherit?

            How do we continue to compete at the highest levels of research and scholarship while enrolling and supporting the best students, including those from modest backgrounds?

            Our most enduring successes always have been the result of Spartans stepping forward and coming together with the will to effect great change. This time is no different.

            We recently introduced Empower Extraordinary: The Campaign for Michigan State University, which, with your participation, will be a game changer. It will enable MSU to achieve the next milestone in fulfilling its legacy and achieving its destiny to advance the common good with uncommon will.

            Today there are only a handful of institutions in the world that have the scale, the ambition, and the culture to sign up for the challenges ahead. Michigan State is one of them. But to meet those challenges we must invest in our students and faculty, push the boundaries of discovery while driving innovation, and empower people in Michigan and around the world to realize their potential.

            Private support through the Empower Extraordinary campaign will make this possible. It will allow us to attract and retain top faculty, provide real opportunity to students through scholarships and engaged learning, support innovative academic programs, and enhance resources that help us leverage new opportunities quickly and tackle big problems.

            I hope you will join me at this unique time and in this extraordinary opportunity to build a bolder legacy for MSU and a world that very much needs the best we can give.

            Part of the capacity to excel is belief. Belief in yourself and in those around you. Belief in the future. I believe Spartans can change the world, and I believe Spartans Will.

            Lou Anna K. Simon, PhD

            President, Michigan State University