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Director's Message: Be Spartan Loyal

  • Author:
    W. Scott Westerman III, Executive Director of MSU Alumni Association
  • Published:
    Spring 2016

“It’s the best thing you ever did.” That’s the common theme of the feedback I’ve received since eliminating the dues requirement for MSUAA Membership. All you have to do to declare your connection with us is to share or update your contact information on an annual basis and you can enjoy all the benefits of being part of the MSU Alumni family.

Those who take advantage of this no-cost      option receive this publication electronically. That’s one of the few differences between our new open-to-all-Spartans philosophy and what we’ve come to call being “Spartan Loyal.”

What does it mean to be Spartan Loyal? For some, it means being inspired to invest in the MSU missions closest to their hearts. Annual giving to Michigan State is up and many former MSUAA dues-paying members have renewed their commitment to MSU under the Spartan Loyal banner. 

It’s really an easy thing to do. If you were previously an MSUAA life member, you’re already Spartan Loyal, as is any alumnus or friend who gives $100 - $499 annually. Support the Spartan Marching Band, WKAR, The Broad Art Museum, any of our 600 plus student-run organizations, the MSU Alumni Association Endowment or the Sparty Program and, at this giving level, you’re Spartan Loyal. 

There are as many ways to show your love for MSU as there are bricks in Beaumont Tower. Eliminating  membership dues makes it easier than ever to express that love.

And what truly is “membership?” It is said that younger generations don’t join things; they support causes. We’ve seen this every year in MSU’s Global Day of Service, in dozens of crowdfunding projects like the annual Alex’s Great State Race that benefits our Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, and at amazing events like the breathtaking Chicago Spartans’ annual SpartyBall.

Once upon a time, membership was a way to brag about exclusivity. At MSUAA, we prefer to “associate” ourselves with inclusivity. That’s why we embrace all alumni, and why membership is fading into the lexicon of the past.

When you decided to attend MSU, you instantly became a member of a unique group of individuals, dedicated to serving one another and the greater good. You don’t need to pay a fee to be one of us. But we do hope you will invest some of the bounty you’ve earned as a result of your Spartan experience, and pass it on!

W. Scott Westerman III
Executive Director, MSU Alumni Association