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Michigan State University

The Student-Athlete Mental Health Stigma

Research project aims to understand the mental health pressures faced by student-athletes.

Associate Professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations Bree Holtz, Ph.D., along with a team of researchers from University of Alabama, began a yearlong research project to understand the mental health pressures student-athletes face and the barriers they encounter when trying to access support.

The team’s research mainly focuses on media effects, mental health in the media and health technology. However, Holtz has also focused her research on the adoption, perceptions and outcomes of telemedicine, mobile phone health apps, consumer grade sensors (like Fitbit), artificial intelligence and social media for health topics.

“We recognize that the pressures and challenges they face, both in their personal lives and on the field, can be overwhelming,” said Holtz. “By focusing on mental health support, our project aims to provide resources and guidance that can make a difference in the lives of student-athletes.”

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