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Michigan State University

Diversity In STEM Series | Researching the Neurobiology of Trauma

Event Description

Researching the neurobiology of trauma: does personal experience, politics, and identity inform or bias the science? Dr. Apryl Pooley, Neuroscience Ph.D., MSU Apryl E. Pooley is Director of Strategic Partnerships and Systems Change for the Michigan Victim Advocacy Network. She earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Michigan State University, where she studied the neurobiology of trauma. She is specifically invested in researching the effects and prevention of sexual trauma and serves on the Board of the Directors of The Firecracker Foundation, a Michigan nonprofit organization serving children who have survived sexual abuse. Dr. Pooley is driven to use her expertise on the neurobiology of trauma to promote evidence-based, trauma-informed policies and practices in healthcare, advocacy, criminal justice, and violence prevention and to provide effective resources for advocates and organizations working with trauma survivors.

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