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Michigan State University

SFWL | The Varieties of Healing

Event Description

Speakers and what they’ll be discussing: Scott Becker, PhD - Residence Education and Housing Services (ecopsychology and climate change) Mary A. Bedikian, JD - College of Law (mediation) William J. Chopik, PhD - Department of Psychology (relationships) Heather Howard, PhD - Department of Anthropology (truth and reconciliation commissions) Clare Luz, PhD - Department of Family and Community Medicine (quilting and home care workers) The idea is to explore healing from the perspective of the individual to the community and the whole world. We are exploring the notions of healing – not solving one healing problem.

Tags: Michigan State University,Alumni Association

Captioned Livestream Event

A captioned version of the livestream will be made available post event. To view the captioned version of this livestream, please follow this link.