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Michigan State University

CWTP | Towards a More Mechanistic Approach to Pavement Preservation

Event Description

Karim Chatti is a professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Research of Michigan State University's Civil and Environmental Engineering. Chatti's research interests are in the areas of pavement response and performance modeling, dynamics of pavements and truck-pavement interaction, pavement surface roughness, pavement preservation, and characterization of asphalt concrete mixtures. His recent research has been focused on: (i) models for estimating the effect of pavement surface condition on vehicle operating costs, (ii) smart pavement monitoring systems, (iii) using existing pavements in place and achieving long life, (iv) assessment of pavement acceptance criteria, (v) evaluation of the new M-E PDG, (vi) the effect of heavy trucks with large axle groups on pavement performance, (vii) the effect of design and construction factors on the response and long term performance of pavements, (viii) the development of roughness diagnosis tools for PMS application, (ix) the effectiveness of preventive maintenance treatments, and (x) dynamic back-calculation of flexible and rigid pavement parameters.

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