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Meet Harsna, 2022 Homecoming Court Member

Portrait of 2022 Homecoming Court member Harsna Chahal

Meet Harsna, 2022 Homecoming Court Member

Harsna Chahal is a senior from Okemos, Michigan studying human biology and neuroscience with a minor in science, technology, environment and public policy. She currently serves as an undergraduate representative on the Women’s Advisory Committee to the Provost where she advises Provost Teresa Woodruff on women’s issues and how the University can improve. In addition to this position, she also serves as the vice president of the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) where she manages staff while introducing and voting on legislation. She is a student intern at the MSU Family, Counseling, and Psychiatry, and MSU Pediatrics where she mentors children with mental disabilities. She also serves as an undergraduate learning assistant for the Lyman Briggs College helping students learn content and teaching class. She also works as a student researcher at the physics department and a research assistant at the College of Osteopathic Medicine. In addition to these roles, she also volunteered her time as a COVID-19 vaccination volunteer at Sparrow Hospital, serves as the president of the MSU Spartan Association for Public Health, and volunteers for the MSU Pearl Project, where students help out at the daycare and raise money for financially unstable families. She is also a member of the Coalition of Indian Undergraduate Students. During her time at MSU, she advocated for others while serving in leadership roles on campus.

“I am excited to represent Michigan State University on Homecoming court because I am passionate about changing MSU for the better by being accommodating, inclusive, supportive and empowering students. Additionally, ensuring that students have the best experience on campus so that they are proud to be a Spartan when they leave this university.”

Author: Jenna Malinowski