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British Isles & Lowlands ~ Southampton to Southampton

Photo of British Isles & Lowlands ~ Southampton to Southampton

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Oceania Cruise Line has decided to cancel this cruise. May we recommend another Oceania cruise later in the or in 2022.  

Learn how Oceania Cruise Line aims to keep you safe.

Cruise the Celtic shores of England, Ireland, and Northern Ireland on this adventure aboard Oceania Cruises’ Sirena. Your journey begins in London, a city steeped in history, culture, and art. Sail to the Isle of Portland, a small tied island with a wealth of wildlife that’s also your springboard to the Dorset countryside. Travel to Cork to experience seventeenth-century alleyways leading to historic sites like Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral. Next, cruise to Glengarriff, a small seaside village that showcases the perfect mix of culture and countryside. In Galway, pop into a traditional Irish pub or peruse the boutiques and art galleries lining the Latin Quarter. Head to Londonderry, the only completely walled city in the British Isles, and take in the Bogside murals before continuing to Belfast. Here, experience the ornate Victorian and Edwardian architecture and stroll through the city’s immaculate gardens. Before your journey ends back in London, spend two days in cosmopolitan Dublin, the largest city in Ireland. Discover its trendy taverns, visit the eleventh-century Christ Church Cathedral, or simply wander the quaint cobblestone streets.