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Past Recipients

2006 Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Service Award

Mr. Anan Chaikittisilpa

Anan Chaikittisilpa, Bangkok, Thailand, chief executive officer of the Veena International Co. Ltd.

Mrs. Barbara Mary Coulter

Barbara Coulter, Traverse City, retired social worker and piano teacher. She is also the founder and former president of the MSU Alumni Club of the Grand Traverse area.

Mr. Kellie Patrick Dean

Kellie Dean, Lansing, owner and chief executive officer of Dean Transportation Inc.

Ms. Marilyn C Mook

Marilyn Mook, Lansing, MSU specialist and teacher emeritus in food science and human nutrition. She was also the former president of the Michigan Dietetics Association.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Mr. Michael Brian Budman

Michael Budman, Toronto, Ca., co-founder and president of Roots, a Canada-based athletic wear company.

Mrs. Evern D Cooper Epps

Evern Cooper Epps, Atlanta, president of United Parcel Service Foundation and vice president of United Parcel Service corporate relations.

Mr. Burton Lee Gerber

Burton Gerber, Washington, D.C., retired CIA operations officer and former CIA director of operations for the Warsaw Pact countries.

Dr. Ruth Ellen Hoppe M.D.

Ruth Hoppe, Okemos, senior associate dean emeritus and professor emeritus of MSUs College of Human Medicine.

Dr. Dale W Lick Ph.D.

Dale Lick, Tallahassee, Fla., former president of Georgia Southern, Maine, and Florida State universities, currently a University Professor at Florida State University.

Honorary Alumni Award

Dr. Mackenzie L Davis Ph.D.

Mackenzie Davis, Okemos, professor emeritus of environmental engineering at MSU.

Mr. Kermit The Frog

Philanthropist Award

Mr. David Clyde Morris