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Alumni Grand Awards

2022 Recipients

Distinguished Alumni Award

Presented to alumni who have differentiated themselves by obtaining the highest level of professional accomplishment in their field.

  • photo of Ronald Goldsberry
    Ronald Goldsberry
    M.S. College of Natural Science, 1966; Ph.D., College of Natural Science, 1969

    He’s a multi-award winning engineer, committed mentor and a Spartan.

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  • photo of Harold Henderson
    Harold Henderson
    B.A. College of Social Science, 1972; J.D. Harvard Law School, 1976; SEP Stanford School of Business, 1988

    He is the retired NFL Executive Vice President, former Chief Legal Officer, a long-time advocate for underserved communities, and a Spartan.

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  • Photo of Theda Skocpol
    Theda Skocpol
    B.A. College of Social Science and Honors College, 1969; M.A. Harvard University, 1972; Ph.D. Harvard, 1975

    She’s an internationally recognized scholar, professor at Harvard University and a Spartan.

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Alumni Service Award

Presented to Michigan State University alumni who have demonstrated service to MSU and/or meritorious public service on a local, state, national or international level.

  • photo of Ann Burnett
    Ann Burnett
    B.A. Eli Broad College of Business, 1979

    She’s the president of the AZ Spartans alumni club, architect of student opportunities and a Spartan.

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  • photo of Kathy Gray
    Kathy Gray
    B.S. School of Nursing, University of Michigan, 1995; M.S. College of Nursing, Michigan State University, 1998

    She’s an experienced volunteer nurse, a champion of global healthcare and a Spartan.

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  • Photo of Tamika Payne
    Tamika Payne
    B.S. Lyman Briggs College, 2011

    She is an international expert in reducing sexual violence, a community- focused advocate and a Spartan. 

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Young Alumni Award

Given to Spartans age 40 or younger who have distinguished themselves through a high level of professional accomplishment early in their career. These individuals demonstrate a commitment to Michigan State University through outstanding continuous volunteer service on behalf of the university, and/or participation and leadership in meritorious public service on a local, state, national or international level. 

  • photo of Howard Akumiah
    Howard Akumiah
    B.A. James Madison College, 2015

    He’s a Founder, mission-focused entrepreneur and a Spartan.

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  • photo of Farhan Bhatti
    Farhan Bhatti
    B.S. Lyman Briggs College and Honors College, 2006; B.A. College of Social Science, 2006; M.D. College of Human Medicine, 2012

    He’s a family medicine physician, CEO, political activist, and a Spartan.

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Honorary Alumni Award

Presented to non-alumni candidates who have made an outstanding impact on behalf of Michigan State University on a local, state, national or international level.

  • photo of Edwin and Wanda Eichler
    Edwin and Wanda Eichler
    Ed: B.A. North Central College, 1969
    Wanda: B.A. North Central College 1970

    They are dedicated philanthropists, longtime supporters of the College of Music and Spartans.

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Philanthropist Award

Presented to individuals, families, associations, corporations or foundations with a proven record of providing major, ongoing financial support and leadership to Michigan State University. Their generosity encourages others to take leadership roles in philanthropy toward MSU.

  • photo of Kolschowsky
    Gerald and Karen Kolschowsky
    Gerald: B.S. Iowa State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 1962
    Karen: B.A. College of Education, 1963

    They are international philanthropists, long-standing partners with MSU and Spartans.

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